Review: The Lash Lounge Mechanicsburg

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The Lash Lounge Mechanicsburg | Eyelash Extensions | Harrisburg PA | Sara Bozich

Official review of my lash extensions from The Lash Lounge in Mechanicsburg.

Written in partnership with The Lash Lounge Mechanicsburg. Opinions are my own.

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Last month, I opted to get lash extension for the first time in my life. You can read my reasoning and what made me take the plunge here.

After an in-person consultation, which can be a separate appointment or scheduled just before your full set, I returned to The Lash Lounge Mechanicsburg.

The idea of eliminating a part of my beauty routine excited me, but I was a tad nervous.

The Lash Lounge Mechanicsburg | Eyelash Extensions | Harrisburg PA | Sara Bozich

My Lash Lounge Review

When I returned to The Lash Lounge Mechanicsburg, my stylist, Jasmyne, was all ready for me.

Lash styles + what I chose

At my consultation, I selected the Classic application method.

The Lash Lounge offers three options, which build the foundation of your lash look using an exclusive design technique.

In the “Classic” application, one extension is attached to one natural eyelash.

The “Volume” application uses one handmade fan of two or more lashes to one natural eyelash. This creates a full, glamorous look.

Meeting in the middle, the “Hybrid” application is a combination of the classic and volume lashes.

Because I want a natural (but enhanced, obviously) look, I chose the Classic application.

The Lash Lounge Mechanicsburg | Eyelash Extensions | Harrisburg PA | Sara Bozich

You also can select the lash material — silk or mink. Though a slight upgrade, mink tends to be the most natural looking and therefore was my pick.

After measuring my natural lashes (a very average 9 mm), I selected a length that I hoped would be impactful but still look natural — 11 mm. However, it’s not a bunch of 11s slapped on to my lashes. Instead, a variety of lengths are used to create a natural-looking application.

You also can choose straight or curled extensions. Because I often wear glasses, Jasmyne recommended I go with curled, so they don’t brush my lens, which could be distracting.

The Process

Once you’re ready, go over any changes or concerns with your stylist. Then, lie down.

Your stylist will tape down your lower lashes to be out of the way. Some find this sort of strange at first, but it isn’t uncomfortable.

Then, close your eyes and your stylist gets to work! Drift off if you can. You don’t have to do a thing until your stylist tells you to open back up. Voila! Fresh eyes!


I’ll go over aftercare in another post, but I think it’s important to mention the brief but immediate restrictions. Don’t get your lashes wet for the next 24-48 hours, if possible. Wash your face with face wipes, don’t watch a tearjerker, skip the hot tub and pool.

Before you leave, be sure to ask your stylist any questions and grab whatever lash cleaning kits she may recommend. Be sure you have a clean eyelash spoolie or two! You will need them.

The Result: Classic Lash Extensions

My review of The Lash Lounge Mechanicsburg? One of the goals of lash extensions is that I would be camera-ready with basically zero effort.

Here are some of the comments I received:

Mom for the win. Also:

“They don’t look fake!”

“Omg, Sara, they look so good! I’ve been dancing around the idea, but all the others I see look so extra. These are perfect and so natural!!”

“They don’t look too long at all! Love them.”

“Your eyelashes look amazing.”

“They look amazing.”

“They look AWESOME.”

“You look so good!!”

The Lash Lounge Mechanicsburg | Eyelash Extensions | Harrisburg PA | Sara Bozich

FAQs about lash extensions

I shared my lash extension experience on my Instagram stories, and I got a ton of feedback, including a lot of great questions.

Can you feel the lashes on your eyes?

Not at all.

How long did it take to the get the full set?

It took a little over an hour and a half for the full set of lash extensions. Fills, which are scheduled biweekly, are scheduled for an hour but can be closer to 30-45 minutes, depending on the type of lashes and your lash retention.

What adhesive does The Lash Lounge use? I’ve had a bad experience in the past at another salon.

The Lash Lounge Mechanicsburg only carries Lash Lounge adhesives, which are medical-grade cyanoacrylate, which is the industry standard. They carry a variety of adhesives that range in strength to accommodate guests with eye sensitivities. They are all latex-free.

How much do they cost?

Classic application starts at $99 for a full set. Upgrades, add-ons, and other application styles are an additional cost.

Are you supposed to wear mascara with them?

I do not plan to wear mascara and didn’t initially ask, but you don’t need to. If you want to, ask about lash extension-friendly choices. Makeup with oils and alcohol can weaken the adhesive.

How often do you go for fills?

Fills are typically every 2-3 weeks, depending on your lash retention and natural shedding.

Was it a good experience?

Yes! I’m still mastering the #lashnap, but basically, you cozy up on a bed for the entire time and don’t feel a thing. It can be chilly, so bring a warm wrap or blanket. Put your phone in your bag, you can’t peek at it anyway!

Do you have a referral code?

Mention me (Sara Bozich) when you book, and The Lash Lounge Mechanicsburg will offer you a complimentary Crystal Lash Wand — believe me, you’ll need it!

And that’s my review! For more details about The Lash Lounge Mechanicsburg, visit them online, or via Facebook or Instagram.

The Lash Lounge is located at 5510 Carlisle Pike, Mechanicsburg.

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