Spring wardrobe refresh | Threads of Hershey | Little Black Dress

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Spring wardrobe refresh | Threads of Hershey | Little Black Dress Camp Hill | Sara Bozich

Refresh your wardrobe for spring 2021 with Threads of Hershey and Little Black Dress.

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In the fall, Threads of Hershey stopped over to dismantle my closets and take a hard look at what was going on in there.

Closet Audits are just one service that Threads of Hershey offers, and you can read more about my experience here. I had been decluttering throughout the year, but I wasn’t sure what to do with what was left, and I wasn’t wearing what I owned.

Kristen and Sara discuss spring wardrobe options | Threads of Hershey | Sara Bozich

Spring 2021 Style

As we closed out the year and step into spring, I knew it was time to reevaluate. I sat down with Kristen and Kristin and shared some of my challenges.

Problem 1: Clothing Indecision

I was having ridiculous indecision anxiety every time I had to go somewhere. What do I wear? What will be comfortable? Stylish? What is style after a year of sweats? Overdress? Underdress? Honestly, it was exhausting, and I’d pull on something — but didn’t feel great about it.

Problem 2: Style Evolution

There is room for a bigger talk about how the last year shaped each of us, but we experience evolutions of self at other times, too. For instance, if I spy a shirt or dress in a Timehop photo from before my son was born — out of the closet it goes. (There are exceptions, of course.)

I’m a busy, working mom who wants to look youthful but not young, stylish but not trendy, comfortable but get out of sweatpants every day.

It was time for a spring refresh. New year, new times.

One important note: One of the best things about working with Threads of Hershey is that they work to help you uncover your own style. Though Kristen will try to convince you to buy white jeans (off-white is as close as I’m getting, personally), the goal isn’t to transform you into her style — or anyone else’s — but to help you identify the pieces and shapes that work best for your lifestyle, your body, and your budget.

“Shapeshifting” with Threads of Hershey

Because we’d done the Closet Audit in the fall, we didn’t have to go through every piece in my wardrobe. I did shed a few more items that no longer served me. And we moved some items to winter seasonal storage.

Next, I shared some great pieces I had but didn’t know what to do with them. My default is “put on jeans,” but that wasn’t feeling right with some of these tops.

Meanwhile, we checked my items with Threads of Hershey’s Spring Wardrobe Capsule Checklist, and made notes about what to shop for to complete my spring closet.

The theme for the day was shapeshifting.

To start, I was wearing a super-comfy new jumpsuit from local shop The Beat Boutique. I figured this was just a “wear at home” but Kristen had me throw on a blazer and bag, and the look completely changed.

Next, Kristen grabbed a pair of super comfy black linen paper bag pants that I scored on sale over the winter. I knew I should wear a more fitted top, but Kristen eyed up my collection of vintage short-sleeve sweaters from Stash Vintage, and poof! We tucked them in, added some minimal jewelry, and a small bag.

Whoa. I looked cute. I was comfortable.

The Looks – Part 1

The other theme for a spring wardrobe is, of course, layering. Days start out chilly but can get hot by afternoon. Kristen emphasized a fitted first layer (just a basic black or white tank is perfect!) followed by a cropped denim jacket or slouchy blazer (depending on the pants).

Even better: while all this was going on, Kristen snapped these looks then presented me with my own Look Book so I can refer back to it and be inspired by additional pieces.

The Looks – Part 2

You can read more about the spring wardrobe refresh from Threads of Hershey’s perspective on their blog here.

Read about my original Closet Audit with Threads of Hershey here.

Spring Capsule Wardrobe

Our next stop ➤➤➤ Little Black Dress and Plum Bottom at Neighbors & Smith in Camp Hill to shop spring arrivals and complete my spring wardrobe capsule. Stay tuned!

Sara Bozich
Author: Sara Bozich

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