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Little Black Dress | Camp Hill | Threads of Hershey | Boutique Shopping | Spring Capsule Wardrobe | Sara Bozich

Complete your Spring Capsule Wardrobe at Little Black Dress and Plum Bottom with Threads of Hershey.

On our last episode of ‘Sara updates her wardrobe,’ I was getting a spring style upgrade with Threads of Hershey. Read it here!

OK, if you’re caught up, Threads of Hershey helped me “shapeshift” some of my existing clothes to really update how I was wearing pieces I already had and loved.

Real: I have gotten multiple “whole outfit” compliments from multiple young people AND people closer to my age, including my husband.

Estimated reading time: 8 minutes

Threads Spring Capsule

Each season, Threads of Hershey compiles its Capsule Capsule checklist, noting the must-have items for the season. It’s a combination of classic styles and on-trend pieces that, together, will set you up for season-long style. It’s broken down by category: Tops, Bottoms, Knits, Dresses, Toppers (jackets, etc.), Shoes, and Accessories.

For example, this spring, they recommend basics like white and black tanks and tees, denim shirt, pastel or white button-down; shorts, culottes, or cropped pants in denim, white, black, pastels; sleeveless sweater vest, lightweight cardigan; cotton dress; neutral oversized blazers, denim jacket, leather moto jacket; white sneakers, mules/loafers, ankle boots; neutral or pastel crossbody, raffia or woven jewelry, layered metallic jewelry, printed scarf.

Taking that list, Threads customizes further — for instance, I’m a jumpsuit girl. I love them, they fit my body type well, I already own a bunch. So, they crossed out “cotton dresses” and added “jumpsuit” to my Capsule.

I already had a collection of vintage short-sleeved sweaters from Stash Vintage, so we x-ed that off the list, and I am also flush with cute sneakers in various shades, including white. What I was lacking, was some of those basic tops and and summer comfies to replaces winter’s (and the pandemic’s) endless parade of sweats.

We took the list and our inspiration and headed to Little Black Dress in Camp Hill.

Little Black Dress | Camp Hill | Threads of Hershey | Boutique Shopping | Spring Capsule Wardrobe | Sara Bozich

Shopping at Little Black Dress in Camp Hill

Shopping at a locally-owned boutique like Little Black Dress has countless perks. Obviously, for starters, you’re helping to support a local small business – an actual person (named Lisa!)! – who is lovely and an asset alone.

Lisa’s knowledge of her store is incomparable. I’ve browsed, started a try-on, and had her pop in with a suggestion or a piece I otherwise would’ve missed from her inventory. (If you’ve ever worked retail, you know how this is – you just see the store differently than a customer). She has an eye for finding shapes and colors for your style and size that you may have overlooked. Plus, she knows what items are coming in that may also fit what you need.

As a customer of any level (truly! You don’t need to be spending thousands or even hundreds of dollars there already), you have access to Lisa and Krista via Instagram DM or a phone call. They’re always happy to help, including pulling items in advance, and more.

Kristin beat me to Little Black Dress this day, and she and Lisa set to work to start pulling some pieces that Kristin thought would help complete my Spring Capsule Wardrobe. I wandered around a bit but really left it up to them, then we dove into a try-on.

Spring Capsule Try-on at Little Black Dress

  • Little Black Dress | Camp Hill | Threads of Hershey | Boutique Shopping | Sara Bozich
  • Little Black Dress | Camp Hill | Threads of Hershey | Boutique Shopping | Sara Bozich
  • Little Black Dress | Camp Hill | Threads of Hershey | Boutique Shopping | Sara Bozich
  • Little Black Dress | Camp Hill | Threads of Hershey | Boutique Shopping | Sara Bozich
  • Little Black Dress | Camp Hill | Threads of Hershey | Boutique Shopping | Sara Bozich
  • Little Black Dress | Camp Hill | Threads of Hershey | Boutique Shopping | Sara Bozich
  • Little Black Dress | Camp Hill | Threads of Hershey | Boutique Shopping | Sara Bozich
  • Little Black Dress | Camp Hill | Threads of Hershey | Boutique Shopping | Sara Bozich

Swipe through the above photos to see some looks from in-store to real-life, and find more in my SB x LBD x ToH Highlight on Instagram.

I tried on a number of items and styles within this theme to find the right pieces for me. For instance, denim that wasn’t high-waisted enough for me was out, neutral sweaters that I had a version of at home I left behind. I’m sharing this so you don’t feel like you have to buy everything you try on. Try everything on. See what works and what doesn’t.

Here’s what I ended up purchasing to complement my Spring Capsule Wardrobe:

  • Lysse short-sleeved button-down shirt in black and white
    • Notes: I didn’t own a button-down because to me they scream “works in a cubicle; takes self too seriously” but part of the work with Threads of Hershey is pushing out some of these silly notions from my brain. The Lysse ones I *never* would’ve picked off the rack, but they are effortless, well-fitting, and wash and travel like a dream. I am in an XS.
  • Prana hiking pant in olive
    • Notes: These are the ultimate sweatpants replacement for summer. Lightweight, ultimate comfort, and easy care. Cute ruched detail at the ankle elevates these, plus not-too-tight elastic waist with interior drawstring, pockets including extra zippered side pocket, wash and tumble dry with ease. I loved these so much, I ordered them in black and as a jumpsuit on the spot. Another perk of working with a locally owned small boutique! I wear a small.
  • Not Your Daughters Jeans – cropped bootcut denim
    • Notes: Look I am a Xenniel, the generation time forgets (but we never do!), so I’m over skinnies for now but will not (will not!) wear balloon jeans that go up my bum, sorry, not happening. ANYWAY! These jeans are so comfortable, with an easy stretch that isn’t weird. They are fitted through the thighs with an unassuming flare below the legs. So far, I’ve worn them with everything (see photo gallery above). I am a 4 but probably could’ve worn a 2 in these.
  • Katie Loxton London Taylor Crossbody Bag
    • Notes: This bag immediately became part of my ensemble. It’s petite, inobtrusive, fits 3 card-size items (Driver’s License, debit card, credit card), your phone, a mask, a travel hand sanitizer, and a lip balm. Done and done. I have the neutral tan/beige, but Little Black Dress offers this adorable bag in beautiful pastel colors, too! One size – the perfect size!
  • Neutral tanks
    • Notes: I was really lacking in the neutral basics department (but please let me show you my collection of local t-shirt, sweatshirts, and vintage sweaters!), so I also nabbed a basic off-white tank that I’ll tuck in this season but is long enough for other uses later and a suede-looking tank with back button details (see above) that looks great with a fun tassel necklace and the denim I can’t stop wearing.

What’s next

I have a pretty good handle on my spring capsule wardrobe — especially after we visited Plum Bottom for gorgeous neutral slides (I got tan and black), but I’ll be casually shopping for a new trench or leather jacket (classic must-haves for all seasons). As we move towards summer, I’m also on the hunt for decent shorts that will take these looks to warmer temps with ease.

Moreover, I am enjoying getting dressed — even on work-from-home days, I am feeling more put-together and more confident.

I highly recommend shopping small, particularly at local boutiques like Little Black Dress and Plum Bottom, where you can not only support incredible women-owned businesses but also receive top-notch service.

If you are in a clothing rut, please consider reaching out to Threads of Hershey for a consultation. Their services are unparalleled and can make a big difference in your everyday life.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions!

Sara Bozich
Author: Sara Bozich

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