Weekend Water: Organic, Gluten-Free Premium Honey Spritzer

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Harrisburg Food + Drink Blogger Sara Bozich shares Weekend Water from Upper Reach Meadery

Make room in your fridge for Weekend Water, a NEW organic, premium honey spritzer from Upper Reach Meadery.

This bubbly and lively drink from the Phoenixville, Pa. meadery most certainly defies your pre-conceived notion of traditional “mead.” And we’re loving it.

Weekend Water is low-ABV, semi-dry, and gluten-free! It also comes packed with delicious all-natural flavors like raspberry, lemon, and guava.

Hopefully, your interest is piqued. What puts this delectable canned craft beverage over the top is the crazy amount of refreshment from a bubbly carbonation. Think of Weekend Water more as a sparkling cider than the meads of old.

Okay, but does this just taste like bubbly honey water?

This does not taste like bubbly honey water

Upper Reach is not new to the low-ABV mead game, but they did put in work to tweak these flavors for maximum enjoyment.

The four current offerings lend themselves to warmer weather sipping, whether that’s on your back patio or your favorite beach.

The honey is present in a background floral note with just a touch of sweetness that leaves you craving more as it gently lingers on your palate.


Yes, way! Think about your favorite rosé wine but in a can and slightly lower ABV. Rosé pairs with happy hour hangs on the patio while you strike up the grill.

Orange + Grapefruit

If you’ve ever asked for a mimosa in a can, this is your answer. The effervescent citrusy combination will have you feeling #brunchvibes no matter the time or day of the week.

Guava + Hibiscus

Crack this open and float away to the tropics on the bubbles. Sweet guava notes roll in with the first sip, while the hibiscus leaves a tangy berry tartness in the finish.

Raspberry + Lemon

A lip-smacking refreshing treat. This raspberry-lemonade honey spritzer was the first Weekend Water flavor, and the traditional flavor combo will quickly make this your go-to.

How do I get Weekend Water?

Click here!

Upper Reach ships all of their delicious meads right to your door. Non-Pennsylvanians are in luck, too, as they can ship to 40 states.

Weekend Water is sold in four-packs of 12 oz. cans in a single variety or in a variety pack with one of each. Right now, Upper Reach offers free shipping on all orders over $50!

We did the math, and that means you can get three variety packs and you just hit the over for shipping.

While you’re shopping, be sure to check out other mead creations from Upper Reach to add to your order. Some favorites include Sickle, Blood Moon, and Apero, a sweet vermouth-inspired mead.

Follow Upper Reach Meadery on Instagram and Facebook to keep up!

Sara Bozich
Author: Sara Bozich

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