My Must-Have Workout Products

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Sara's Must-Have Workout Products | Jigsaw Health Pickleball Cocktail | Sara Bozich

My must-have workout products for staying healthy.

Fitness is an important part of my lifestyle. I (re)discovered it a bit late, but it provides balance in my food-and-drink-centered career, an outlet for stress, and keeps me active and able for my kiddo. And it makes me feel good.

I believe that you don’t need much to create a workout routine. I’ve been working out at home for over a year now with little more than a mat and sweat towels (which are repurposed burp clothes from when Bo was a baby! They’re so soft!).

You can read more about my training here and here.

Below, I’m sharing some of my favorite fitness related products.

Jigsaw Health Pickleball Cocktail

I’m pickleball-curious, actually, but this magnesium and potassium-rich Pickleball Cocktail from Jigsaw Health is the perfect way to start any day. I love its orange flavor. I start my mornings with plain water and coffee, but I sip this during my workout. Or, on off-days, I have a glass of this with breakfast.

Buy it here. You can also save $10 with code Bozich10.

Clench Fitness Resistance Bands | Sara Bozich

Clench Fitness Bands

If you follow on IG, you might’ve noticed that Ivan started implementing the use of resistance bands a few months ago. I was nervous at first, but I love these Clench Fitness Bands. They are easy to store and easy to use. And after many consistent months of bodyweight-only training, they are a great way to increase strength without moving to bulky (and expensive!) weights. They’ve definitely become one of my workout must-haves.

I have the Resistance Band Kit – Level II and the Black and Green Mini-Bands. (I’m probably going to buy myself the Purple soon).

You can shop Clench Fitness Bands here.

Workout Mat

Andy got me this Manduka Pro Yoga Mat for Christmas a few years ago, when I was doing yoga twice a week. I’ve found, thanks to its extra weight and size, it’s ideal for home workouts. (In-studio I prefer a slightly thinner, softer mat, though I have used the Manduka for yoga at home, too). I’ve been using it consistently 3-5 times a week for over a year now with virtually zero wear-and-tear.

You can find it here.

Sara Bozich | Workout Must-Haves

Fitness wear

One of the top questions I get is about my workout wear. A lot of my cute prints and sets are gifts from my mom and sister, who specialize in scouring TJ Maxx and Marshall’s. I have no favorite brand (open to partnerships!).

Sweat towels

The baby burp cloths don’t leave the house, so if I’m working out outside of the home, I grab my YogiToes Hand Towel. I also have this mat-length yoga towel, which is ideal for hot yoga.

Gym & Tonic | Jigsaw Health Electrolyte Supreme | Sara's Workout Must-Haves

Protein Shake

My doctor recommended I take daily collagen for my joints (oh, hi, over 40 club), and I love this collagen and protein powder, Gym & Tonic, from Tonic Products. I take the version with hemp isolate to help fight inflammation. It’s completely flavorless, so I add a scoop of Jigsaw Health Electrolyte Supreme (I’m a lemon-lime, but they also have berry-licious and just came out with fruit punch). Bonus, you can save $10 with code Bozich10.

Bonus, Tonic Products is a woman-owned small business, and I love supporting them. I’ve tried a number of their products, and I like them all.

Some of the above include affiliate links, and I may earn a small commission if you click and/or buy. Thank you for supporting a female entrepreneur!

Sara Bozich
Author: Sara Bozich

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