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Breaking down insider tips for being a Hersheypark Season Pass holder.

Becoming a Hershey insider

This is my first year as a Hersheypark Season Pass Holder, and I’m soaking up all the perks to share with you.

Here are 4 myths about being a Hersheypark season pass-holder:

1 | You have to go to Hersheypark every day or week

Real talk: A Hersheypark Season Pass pays for itself in three visits — and that’s before factoring discounts across the park and at Hershey restaurants!

2 | You have to stay all day for it to be worth it

Since I used to be only an occasional visitor to Hersheypark, I was trained to think of it as an all-day (or two-day) event — but as locals, we don’t need to do that at all. One of the best tips I’ve read is to eke in a few hours here and there (like during Sweet Start — an hour before the park opens — or this genius reader tip: after a thunderstorm, when crowds have often cleared out).

This year, we spent a few hours for Father’s Day. Later this summer, we’ll pop-in before a concert.

3 | You have to be a thrill seeker

Without revealing my age, let’s just say high-speed, whipping, racing roller coasters aren’t exactly my jam anymore. And our son is too small for many of our favorites like Wildcat (RIP) and The Great Bear. But, there is so much more for our family to enjoy together! We’re happy to cruise the park and enjoy a beer while Bo rides the Mini Carousel over and over (and over) again, hit up Fender Bender (bumper cars), and check out the Friends from the Sea show. Plus, there are character photo opps, musical performances, games, and so much more.

4 | There’s only one season pass option

The Regular Hersheypark Season Pass is straight loaded with perks (read my post here). If you’re hungrier for more, the King Size Pass ekes in even more sweetness with a FREE All-Year Drink Plan, 2 FREE Hersheypark® tickets, and monthly bonus offers. It’s the most robust plan for the ultimate Hersheypark goer.

The Bite Size Pass including 50% off Parking and ZooAmerica passes but skips the park-wide discount and extras.

You can find the best option for your family here.

What Hersheypark myth have you busted? Have questions about Hersheypark Season Passes?

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This post was produced as part of the Sweetest Families program, for which Sara was specially selected to be part for 2022. All opinions are her own.

Sara Bozich
Author: Sara Bozich

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