3rd in the Burg: Downtown Edition

Downtown Harrisburg businesses are getting into the 3rd in the Burg spirit with a new lineup of monthly events and happenings starting this weekend. Intended as a celebration of all […]

How St@rtup Changed the Way I Work

When I started working for Sara, I was excited to have the freedom to be able to work wherever I wanted to on a daily basis. I pictured myself checking […]

How to Make Your Own Beer(STAY)cation

Beercations are a real thing, and beer tourism is at its all-time high. From people traveling to Vermont to grab the fresh IPAs to running wild in the streets of […]

Why You Should Check Out Next Step Performance

Every time I send a snap from my Saturday mornings at Next Step Performance, Tierney writes back, “That workout looks rude.” There are definitely times I’ve come to the conclusion […]

GUIDE: Post-Party Beauty Essentials

Hello there, holiday season. You’re bright, shiny and filled with good cheer, yummy food and delicious drinks. Travel and cold temperatures — not to mention those fun parties — can […]