Last night, Tara Leo Auchey told me that Jersey Mike and Sara Bozich were two names that went together, that people often thought of one with the other.

Off the Record, Redux

I’ve neglected to post the last few Off the Record episodes on the blog. You can find them at and at our Facebook page, as well as iTunes. Here […]

Off the Record, Episode 9

After a brief scheduling hiatus, Jersey Mike and I are back again with the ninth episode of Off the Record. We’ve shortened things up a bit, yapping about Dave’s troubles […]

Off the Record, Episode 7

When Jersey and I started this podcast last night, we never expected the results of yesterday’s election to turn out quite the way they did … Give a listen as […]

Off the Record, Episode 6

Jersey Mike & I are back at it with our podcast, Off the Record. We’ve made it to Episode 6, and this week we talk about ED, state workers, love […]

Off the Record, Episode 5

Your weekend roundup is currently brewing and will find you later today, but as for now, let’s get you caught up on the very special podcast brought to you by […]

Off the Record, Episode 4

You waited patiently, and the day has arrived. After having to paste together 10-second clips to salvage last week’s podcast, Episode 4 has been saved and is ready for your […]

Off the Record, Episode 3.2

After a bit of a kerfluffle with episode 3.0, we’re back with Off the Record, episode 3.2. This week we go “off the record” on chickens, council and mayoral candidates, […]

Off the Record, Episode 2

Catch it right here, kiddies – the second episode of Off the Record with Jersey Mike & Sara Bozich. We chopped the time a bit (we time out at about […]