6 Ways to Celebrate Fall

It’s finally, officially fall! So, if you’ve been holding out on those boots, pumpkin coffees, scarves and light jackets, it’s time. (I hope you’ve been drinking your Oktoberfest beers!) Blue […]

September 2012 Preview

Even those of us who love summer know a better season when we see it. Is there anyone who doesn’t just adore fall? Here in Pennsylvania, we enjoy the beauty […]

Long weekend in Erie, Pa.

As I mentioned earlier this summer, Andy and I have our funds earmarked for home repairs, so our vacation budget is on the smaller side this year. Fortunately, we’re kind […]

Out with Sara: The Vineyard at Hershey

Wineries are springing up in central Pennsylvania as if we’ve suddenly been blessed with California’s soil and France’s climate. The past few years have brought several new vineyards —some established […]