Try My Favorite Hard Seltzer | GIVEAWAY

Enter to win a 12-pack of my favorite hard seltzer, PRESS Premium Alcoholic Spritzer. Why I love PRESS Seltzer There are a bajillion hard seltzers on the market, but not […]

PRESS: My favorite hard seltzer and why

Read why PRESS Premium Alcohol Seltzer is one of my go-tos. The seltzer market is pretty packed, filled with countless options for buzzy, bubbly, light, and refreshing beverages for adults. […]

PRESS Premium Alcoholic Seltzer | GIVEAWAY

Introduce yourself to PRESS Premium Alcoholic Seltzer this spring. PRESS is not “just another seltzer.” This woman-owned business was crafted to bring something extra to the world of alcoholic seltzers, […]

What are we drinking this spring and summer?

Read on for the best drinks for spring 2021! On deck: Warmer days, longer nights, and lighter drinks! Like our wardrobe, our drinking preferences definitely skew on the lighter side […]

PRESS Premium Alcoholic Seltzer | GIVEAWAY

It’s a crowded, growing marketplace, but some products, like PRESS Premium Alcoholic Seltzer, stand out among the rest. Some days, is there anything better than a slim can in hand […]