Shark Week 2018: The Lighter Side of Sharks

There are two sides to every Shark Week. One side is the educational, informative, and awe-inspiring. The other side deals with the more fantastic, fun, and lighter side of television. […]

Live Your Best Shark Week

That’s right, it’s Shark Week! For 29 years now, no summer is complete without a week dedicated to our horribly misunderstood friends of the sea. In Defense of Sharks Shark Week […]


America’s fascination with sharks has always been there, but Steven Spielberg’s “Jaws” threw the fascination into a fever pitch of both fear and excitement. Fast froward 13 years into the […]

Shark Week: The Drinking Game

It’s one of the best weeks of the year and is in the running for THE best week of the year. For me, the only thing that can top it […]