BBC15: Women in Beer

I am a woman who likes beer. This has never been strange to me; in fact, women make up 32% of all craft beer purchases, according to Julia Herz of […]

REVIEW: Sierra Nevada Mills River

After a great time at Oskar Blues (Read about that here), we set-off on our coach buses (pilfered Dale’s Pale in hand) to Sierra Nevada. I like a lot of […]

REVIEW: Oskar Blues Brevard

The 2015 Beer Bloggers Conference kicked off last Friday in Asheville, NC — “Beer City, USA” — and after a welcome discussion from‘s Julia Herz, and a discussion on […]

REVIEW: Parkway Brewing Company

As you likely know by now, Tierney and I made our way to Asheville, NC for the 2015 Beer Bloggers Conference this past weekend. Rather than tackle the nearly 8 hour […]