NOW ONLINE: Brewed in the Burg

It was early January, and the What’s on Tap crew (GK Visual partners Nate Kresge and Doug Metz, plus yours truly) was having one of its not-that-often sit-down meetings to talk […]

What’s on Tap: Harrisburg

Each month, the talented team at GK Visual puts together a new episode of What’s on Tap, a locally centered web series with yours truly as the host. We talk to […]

What’s on Tap: Dawson Flinchbaugh

I’ve known Dawson Flinchbaugh since my first post-college job at a local magazine, where I was called upon to be a judge for the Keystone Regional Chili Cookoff, held annually […]

What’s on Tap: Fred Clark

At some point when discussing Harrisburg politics, there’s no doubt you’ll hear something about Fred Clark. A storied resume, controversial ideas and a place on each of the last four gubernatorial […]

What’s on Tap: Tara Chickey

In the “People You Should Get To Know If You Already Don’t” category, please meet artist, teacher, curator, herbalist (and sweetheart) — Tara Chickey. I’ve followed much of Tara’s work from […]

What’s on Tap: Bruce Bond

Famed radio jock Bruce Bond made his return to the airwaves today, beginning a new weekend show on the independently owned WTPA 92.1. Just a few weeks ago, I sat […]

What’s on Tap: Shea Quinn

You know him from The Sharks, or The Luv Gods or maybe just from his acoustic sets at various local bars — This month’s What’s on Tap with Sara Bozich features local musician, Shea […]

What’s on Tap – Artie Tafoya

With so much talk about craft beer today — especially locally — it seemed imperative we go directly to one of the first names in Harrisburg area microbreweries for our […]

What’s on Tap: “Qui Qui” Musarra

Interviewing Qui for What’s on Tap was a no-brainer. I’m not sure you can be even a nearby resident of Harrisburg and not know about Mangia Qui’s brunch or Suba’s incredible […]

What’s on Tap: Leland Nelson

January’s episode of What’s on Tap features local entrepreneur, Leland Nelson. Leland and I worked together briefly at Webclients practically another lifetime ago, and I’ve long admired his business acumen and […]