What’s on Tap – Artie Tafoya

With so much talk about craft beer today — especially locally — it seemed imperative we go directly to one of the first names in Harrisburg area microbreweries for our […]

What’s on Tap: “Qui Qui” Musarra

Interviewing Qui for What’s on Tap was a no-brainer. I’m not sure you can be even a nearby resident of Harrisburg and not know about Mangia Qui’s brunch or Suba’s incredible […]

What’s on Tap: Leland Nelson

January’s episode of What’s on Tap features local entrepreneur, Leland Nelson. Leland and I worked together briefly at Webclients practically another lifetime ago, and I’ve long admired his business acumen and […]

What’s on Tap: Tierney Pomone

Check out the latest “What’s on Tap” episode featuring Tierney Pomone. You of course recognize Tierney from her posts on craft beer both for SaraBozich.com and her women and craft […]

What’s on Tap: Sue Pera

Check out the latest “What’s on Tap” episode featuring Cornerstone Coffeehouse owner, Sue Pera. Want more? Visit our website or follow What’s on Tap with Sara on Facebook. Sue Pera […]