Vintage Boutiques Find a Home in SoMa Harrisburg

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From Etsy impulse buys and messages on Instagram to searching clothing racks and eyeing-up mannequins, there is a new way to buy vintage in Harrisburg.

midtown dandy and stash soma harrisburg

Stash Vintage and The Midtown Dandy opened on Saturday, complementing their digital presence with a brick and mortar store that combines men’s and women’s vintage ware under one roof at 11 S. Third St. in the SoMa District of downtown Harrisburg.

Both businesses are already popular with Harrisburg shoppers. Stash first opened in 2013, while Dandy is a regular at The HBG Flea.

Both brands also have a significant online following and a reputation in the community for offering the highest quality — and more importantly — fun vintage clothing and accessory collections.

Andy Kintzi, owner at Midtown Dandy, said that this is the final piece to the experience.

Now, instead of taking a chance on those shoes, earrings, or sweater, you can try it on, pair it with your current look, and even go on a vintage shopping spree.

Stash Vintage

stash vintage harrisburg

Vintage clothing is a passion for Anela Bence Selkowitz, the remaining partner of Stash, which opened on North St. in Harrisburg in 2013.

Since then, Stash has built a solid following — both online and Harrisburg local — as the store moved locations, partners moved on to other projects, and eventually Bence took the shop online only, showcasing her finds through a vibrant and well-tended Instagram account and backed by her Etsy store.

Bence, a photographer by trade, curated Stash’s IG account to highlight the range of fashions — jewelry to dresses, lingerie to overcoats — via local models and occasionally, herself. Peppered with honest notes about each piece and where to find it (Etsy shop, DM, or now, the shop), it’s worth a follow for the eye candy alone, and is a great way to find stand-out pieces (and call dibs!).

stash vintage midtown dandy soma harrisburg

Bence said her passion is fueled by a love for textiles and an appreciation for the nostalgia of “old” wares, as well as the environmental impact of reusing and repurposing.

“It’s not fast fashion,” Selkowitz said. “It’s more than just a trend. It’s the future.”

All of Stash’s merchandise is one-of-a-kind. Bence sources her finds from various fleas, estate sales, and similar. She spends a lot of time — and OxyClean — cleaning garments and occasionally makes necessary alterations, but most are otherwise sold in their original state.

Bence said she sees the new collaborative shop with Midtown Dandy as a complement to her online store, providing an opportunity for people to come in and try things on.

Midtown Dandy

midtown dandy stash vintage

Midtown Dandy started out of a necessity.

In 2015, Kintzi saw that there was almost nowhere for men to shop vintage locally. He said you could maybe find a rack of flannels in a women’s shop, but that’s if you were lucky.

He wanted to change that.

At its core, Midtown Dandy is a vintage clothing shop for men where Kintzi provides guys with a fresh take on fashion while using upscale vintage finds in a modern way.

“I don’t just want to sell clothes,” said Kintzi. “I want to show guys how to wear them properly.”

Beyond just a hip shop to find a cozy sweater, flannel, or sports coat, Kintzi wants Midtown Dandy to be a tool and experience for guys looking to add to their wardrobe.

Midtown Dandy rotates his stock on a continuous basis with seasonal must-haves, accent pieces, and standards that every guy should have in his arsenal.

More than going to your local Salvation Army or Goodwill, you will find quality pieces every trip, and it won’t be a crap shoot.

“When you come in here there is going to be fire on the shelves,” said Kintzi.

Currently, he digs mixing vintage with more modern streetwear. Or, a little bit of old school with the new school.

If you’re a guy looking to update his wardrobe or for that “a-ha” piece to complete your look, there’s a good chance Midtown Dandy has the goods.

And, if he doesn’t, he’ll have your needs in mind the next time he’s restocking so he can find something that works for you.

Why shop vintage?

stash vintage midtown dandy soma harrisburg

Shopping vintage has a few key advantages over just going to your local mall, department store, or even favorite online shop.

When you shop vintage, you’re getting a piece that’s all yours. Because a lot of these pieces are decades old, there’s a high likelihood you’ll be the only person sporting it.

You won’t have to worry about walking out of the store and seeing multiple people with the same shirt you just bought.

Beyond that, it can let you put a spin on your wardrobe you never thought possible.

Fun accent pieces, colorful tops, and printed pants are just the beginning. Midtown Dandy’s and Stash’s racks are full of whatever you might need, and even pieces you might think you’ll never use, but Kintzi and Bence are there to show you how to wear it.

With this duo, you’re not only getting quality pieces all in one location, but you’re also getting stylists that want to show you how to dress.

Not to mention, when you shop vintage, you’re getting high-end pieces for a fraction of what you would pay otherwise.

SoMa Harrisburg

The Stash and MIdtown Dandy boutique is the newest addition to the trending SoMa neighborhood in downtown Harrisburg.

Kintzi said he loves the location because it’s within reasonable walking distance for a large part of the city, and they have local hubs like Whitaker Center and Strawberry Square just steps away.

The vintage boutique brings the first retail space to SoMa, and Kintzi said they’re excited to be in the space and a part of a growing section of the city.

Bence said she would love to see more retail stores that complement the shop open nearby — breweries, art galleries, handmade jewelry — and truly become a shopping destination in downtown Harrisburg.

Midtown Dandy x Stash Vintage is open 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday.

Sara Bozich
Author: Sara Bozich

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